Delivering Results for Rio Rancho

Health and wellness is at the core of everything I do. Ensuring a vibrant community is critical for me. How do we achieve this? By delivering results in the four important areas that drive our city government.

Where you Live

Creating communities that are healthy and vibrant starts with ensuring we have great neighborhoods, housing and resources for our community.

Where you Work

Jobs are mission critical for Rio Rancho. We have to ensure an economic path that is supportive of the small businesses that are the foundation of our community. We also must be ready for future economic growth from larger businesses who seek to make Rio Rancho their next expansion project.

Where you Play

From amazing community centers to beautiful trails, Rio Rancho has some things to offer. However, we still have a lot of work to do to make more recreational opportunities for young professionals, children, seniors and families.

Where you Learn

Rio Rancho is known for our amazing schools and everything we do for the city supports the schools that are at the heart of our city. The city plays a role in educating our children through our libraries and community centers. With the changing dynamics of modern education, having strong and functional broadband is an absolute necessity.

Aligning these for pillars ensures a healthy city that is vibrant and poised for growth!